Deepwater Horizon: Criminalizing an Accident

The most emblematic comment by an Obama Administration official during the Deepwater Horizon incident was Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who said "our job is to keep the boot on the neck of British Petroleum". Secretary Salazar went on to impose the offshore drilling moratorium against the National Academy of Engineering's recommendations. In addition to the politically-inspired Presidential Oil Spill Commission Chief Counsel's Report, the Congress charged the federal investigative arm, the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) to do an engineering review of the accident. The purpose of the CSB is to carry out non-criminal investigations in the same manner that the National Transportation Safety Board does investigations of airline accidents. The public record is clear, separating the engineering investigation from criminal investigations results in greater improvements in public safety. Over the decades of NTSB investigations airline travel has become a fabulously safe mode of travel. So it...(Read Full Article)