Candidate Promises Statue of Free Cheese in Norman, OK

If David Kempf wins the mayoral race on April 2, a bronze statue of Free Cheese based on the People's Cube design is going to be built in Oklahoma's third largest city, Norman.  There's no reason why he shouldn't, since he just received our official endorsement, which he also announced on his website. Our relationship started after we noticed incoming web traffic from David's campaign website.  We traced the link to a section dedicated to Free Cheese.  In a humorous way, the candidate for Mayor of Norman described his attitude towards free government cheese, which he defined as "the extraction of taxes from fellow citizens -- from one's neighbors up and down the street -- to support one's habit or business." In contrast to his opponents, who enjoy and promote many flavors of what they claim is free government cheese, David would like to focus on the essential services the government was contracted to supply, leaving the cheese business to the local independent...(Read Full Article)