British Politicians and Their Jewish Conspiracy

According to rational optimists, no one now could believe in the allegation of a "Jewish conspiracy" to control the world, or at least the American State Department.  This fabrication had disappeared into the dustbin of history, even if the virus of anti-Semitism was still active.  It therefore came as a surprise to find that belief in such a conspiracy is still alive and well -- and is being advanced by members of three political parties in both Houses of Parliament in Britain, as recent incidents have shown. The first set of events concerns Lord Ahmed, one of the first three Muslims appointed to the House of Lords in 1998.  Nazir Ahmed, born in Kashmir and raised in Britain, was originally a fishmonger.  He became a Labour Party member of a local council, a justice of the peace, a leader of the British Muslim community, and a successful property dealer before Prime Minister Tony Blair sent him at the age of 40 to the House of Lords as a Labour peer. On March...(Read Full Article)