Bill O'Reilly vs. the Bible Thumpers

If an argument falls in a forest of confusion and nobody hears it, does it make an impact? In a segment with Megyn Kelly on the Wednesday edition of the O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly lamented how traditionalists don't have a "compelling argument" on the faux-marriage issue and that all we can do is "thump the Bible." But if theistic thumping is all O'Reilly hears, he needs an ear for something other than the mainstream media. O'Reilly's assertion is, frankly, insulting. Many of us in the Brainstream Media have for years been propounding deep, intellectual, and sometimes novel arguments in defense of marriage. And they're certainly compelling, yet it is true that they don't compel. And how could they? Virtually no one hears them because society's primary conduits of information -- the mainstream media, academia, and popular culture -- are all controlled by the left. The reality is that the above members of the Triumvirate of Evil are like the sentient programs in The...(Read Full Article)