Beppe Grillo, Just the Wacko We Don't Know

When I see the hand-wringing over the rise of Italian politician Beppe Grillo, I can't help but think of a man complaining about cigarette smoke while his own derriere is on fire. Oh, don't get me wrong, Grillo is a wacko, for sure. I can't even take issue with the claim that he's a wicked wacko. But I also know this: one thing he isn't is a wacko without company. As to the hand-wringing, I'm specifically referring to the recent articles coauthored by writer James Lewis and Justine Aristea. Now, I'll preface my remarks by saying that, based on what I know of Mr. Lewis, I've no reason to have anything but the utmost respect for him. Yet his last title, "Dangerous Times: Is Italy teetering?" evokes a certain immediate response in me: Why wouldn't it be? All of the West is teetering. In Mr. Lewis' most recent offering, he and his co-author wrote, "Grillo is one scary guy. ...According to Grillo, AIDS doesn't exist, vaccines will kill you, and the Holocaust never happened." Without a...(Read Full Article)