Are military dogs just 'equipment'?

There is a famous saying among dog handlers: emotions run down-leash.  Just as with a soldier, combat can affect a military dog. Canine Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as it was named in 2010, identifies military dogs showing signs of hyper-vigilance and hyper-responsiveness to noises and other environmental stimulants.  American Thinker interviewed experts on this subject, including the renowned Dr. Walter F. Burghardt, Jr., a retired colonel, DVM, Ph.D., and DACVB. Unfortunately, the military still classifies dogs as pieces of equipment, although Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) is trying to pass a bill that would reclassify a military working dog from "equipment" to a "canine member of the Armed Forces." He told American Thinker, "Military dog handlers consider their dogs as part of their team -- as partners, not as pieces of equipment."  The congressman agrees with this powerful quote by author Robert Crais from his latest best-selling novel, Suspect: "These dogs...(Read Full Article)