Women in Combat: the Soldiers Speak

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta this past January issued a directive lifting the ban on women for direct combat ground roles. The controversy over its logic is still swirling, and this administration still has to figure out how to implement it. American Thinker interviewed military veterans to get their insight on this new order. Because some of those interviewed still had some connection with the military, they chose to speak anonymously. Interestingly, the one point everyone could agree on involved including women in a future draft: "equal opportunity and equal rights go with equal obligations." A former female Army sergeant told American Thinker. "You cannot have your cake and eat it too. If women are serving then they should be drafted." Retired commander Darlene Iskra, the first woman commander of a commissioned naval vessel, argues that even if women did not qualify to be placed in direct combat roles there are "plenty of opportunities for drafted women to serve in positions....(Read Full Article)