Women in Combat: Battling Nature, Battering Reality

Senseless advice and nothing nice; that's what little-girls-in-combat policy is made of. The obvious has already been said about placing women in front-line combat positions. Their presence will reduce unit cohesiveness; male soldiers' natural instinct to protect women will influence battlefield decisions; there will be the problem of sexual impropriety within the ranks and of rape when women are captured; women will have more trouble measuring up to the physical and psychological demands of battle; special accommodations will no doubt be made so that women may tend to feminine concerns; and, as the high pregnancy rate aboard naval vessels has proven, having young men and women operate in close quarters is folly. Yet the truth is that it was just a matter of time before women were allowed in combat; it's a piece that fits seamlessly into the modern sex-role puzzle. And it's not surprising if a majority of Americans support the policy; they are sex-role puzzled. When I worked with...(Read Full Article)