What We Signed Up For

While speaking with a friend at a school assembly, I shared with her my concern about the sequester.  With Obama back in office, we have the exact same thing that we have had for the past four years: a stalemate.  My friend said simply, "That's what you signed up for." At that same assembly, the most beautiful thing happened: after a song celebrating veterans, a dad came home from war.  We watched with tears streaming down our faces as father and son embraced after too much time apart.  Then this courageous man came to the microphone and spoke to us while his son stood by his side.  He ended with this: "I give my time so you can have yours."   That perfectly describes why we sign up.   I remember when I learned that my husband was going to be deployed.  Even though you know it can happen, it still comes like a punch to the gut.  Imagine being told that you have to live without half of yourself for a time -- that you have to willingly give...(Read Full Article)