Welcome To Your 21st Century Global Educational System

We are entering into a new era of education with a global curriculum designed by the United Nations that will be implemented not just in developing countries, but right here in the United States. Once our daycares are forced to shut their doors because of purposeful and costly over-regulation by state and federal governments, babies will be forced into the 0 -12 educational system and the educational leaders will have accomplished their goal of compulsory education for even the youngest in our society. Once all children are herded into the public school system (because homeschooling will no longer be allowed), this is what our newly transformed educational system will look like. This is something they have been promoting to implement in Michigan schools during the Governor Granholm era and has since continued under the current administration. You will drop your child off at the door shortly after giving birth. The school will provide your children's health care, nutritional...(Read Full Article)