Welcome To Your 21st Century Global Educational System

We are entering into a new era of education with a global curriculum designed by the United Nations that will be implemented not just in developing countries, but right here in the United States.

Once our daycares are forced to shut their doors because of purposeful and costly over-regulation by state and federal governments, babies will be forced into the 0 -12 educational system and the educational leaders will have accomplished their goal of compulsory education for even the youngest in our society. Once all children are herded into the public school system (because homeschooling will no longer be allowed), this is what our newly transformed educational system will look like. This is something they have been promoting to implement in Michigan schools during the Governor Granholm era and has since continued under the current administration.

You will drop your child off at the door shortly after giving birth. The school will provide your children's health care, nutritional needs, infant support services, infant mental health (because you will probably screw them up somehow). Of course they will also provide reading, writing, and arithmetic. They will house child protective services workers in the school to constantly monitor your children for signs of neglect and abuse. The definition of neglect that can constitute a visit and removal of your children from your home includes inattention to a child's emotional needs and failure to provide psychological care. They also describe emotional abuse (or psychological abuse) as, "a pattern of behavior that impairs a child's emotional development or sense of self-worth. This may include constant criticism, threats, or rejection, as well as withholding love, support, or guidance." Yes, you read that right. The CPS can at any time present a case against you should they choose to interview your child and determine at any point you have rejected them, not supported or guided them.

If you should choose to raise your child with a particular belief, set of values, or religion, the government will deem that you are usurping your children's rights and could remove them from your home. The idea of children's rights vs. parental rights is a concept quickly wedging its way into the educational system. According to the California Law Review, "The incongruity between parents' rights and established principles regarding the nature and inherent limitations of individual rights compels us to seek other moral and/or legal principles to support and legitimize this anomalous set of rights. Absent such justification, we might be forced to conclude that parents' rights, like the plenary rights of husbands over their wives in an earlier age, ultimately rest on nothing more than the ability of the politically more powerful class of persons to enshrine in the law their domination of a politically less powerful class, and on an outmoded view that members of the subordinated group are not persons in their own right."

Once the global educational system (which by the way, will be funded through pooled taxes amongst the nations, including your taxes, and equally distributed so that all countries will have the same educational opportunities) has established that they are the ultimate authority in your child's life and have annihilated your parental rights, they will introduce their global agenda, I mean, curriculum. I had the opportunity when I worked for the Michigan Legislature to visit the 'US-China Center for Research on Educational Excellence' located at Michigan State University. They gave us a mug with the China and United States flags combined. This center promotes a global citizenship school. According to the document I received from the center, "The Education for Global Citizen (EGC) Schools were created to prepare young children for these new global challenges -- to prepare children to become effective global citizens." They also believe, "In the past, pre-school was focused upon the care and nurturing of the young child. Little more than day care while parents worked, many of these first generations of pre-schools placed little emphasis on cognitive, personal, and social development." You ask why are we allowing the Chinese to introduce their educational ideologies in America? Just follow the money, and by money I mean U.S. treasuries. They also promote an extreme environmentalist view that consists of promoting population control and sustainable development (even though China is one of the leading polluters in the world).

Once the newly transformed global educational system has usurped parental rights and indoctrinated its global agenda into the minds of our little ones, your child will be old enough to make their own decisions on their sexual values (and by old enough I mean approximately ten years old.) Sexual values taught by the United Nations schooling system which promotes masturbation as healthy, for kids to advocate for their own sexual rights, and safe abortions.

When your kids decide they want to have unprotected sex your school will be there to provide, free of charge, and without your knowledge, the morning after pill, abortions, or for the proactive and responsible, birth control. Just ask parents in New York City, who already have the privilege of many of these benefits. The values and religious beliefs that you are no longer allowed to teach your kids because it could be harmful to their development will be replaced with the United Nations values of sexuality. In their Comprehensive Sexuality Education they state, "Often we may feel like questioning our parents' beliefs and reasons for doing things, and this is very healthy! We may want to try new things for ourselves, and, at times, to take risks." They will no longer emphasize America's great heritage, our history or basic science education we learned as children. They will teach about the importance of doing our part for sustainable development, population control, and global warming.

The United Nations has an agenda. That agenda is to unite the world under a socialist one-world government and they will start with indoctrinating your children. Welcome to your 21st century schools in America.

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