Tragedy and Comedy at the SOTU

I couldn't help but think of the "tragedy and comedy" Janus masks as I watched Joe Biden and John Boehner dutifully sit behind President Obama as he delivered his painfully long State of the Union speech.    Biden's comedic goofy grins were a knee jerk response to Obama's overtures to help the little guy, whereas Boehner's tragic pouts reflected the harsh fact-driven reality that such policies actually hurt Mr. and Mrs. Main Street. Here are just a few examples of Obama's glaringly inane propositions. Obama stressed the need for job creation, but the fact is that artificially raising the minimum wage to $9/hr will stifle jobs.  Faced with increasingly tighter budgets due to a shrinking economy, higher taxes, health care costs and overly burdensome regulations imposed by Obama, the average business of any size will be forced to cut back on employees if they are compelled to pay higher wages.  It sounds nice and that's why Joe Biden smiled, but calling for an...(Read Full Article)