Top Ten Problems with that Skeet Shooting Picture

It was a picture dredged up to prove the assertion the President had made in January to the breezy effect that the President is indeed acquainted with firearms, since, as he stated (roughly paraphrased), We've often shot skeet when we're at Camp David. It took a few days, where conservative media baited the press secretary Jay Carney, for proof, any proof, and where the Democrats either pooh-poohed the need for proof, since the President rarely turns out to have accuracy as his first arrow out of the quiver, or they prayed-uncharacteristically -- that there were, somewhere, please Heaven, something to show that this was not another You didn't build that. Herewith, a top ten listing of what makes one suspect the photo was bogus, cooked up with Photoshop or entirely composited, like the President's one "composite girlfriend" in his account of his 'dating life' before he became noteworthy and flew right into the radar. (And strange it is that there aren't women pouring out of the...(Read Full Article)