Three Principles for Immigration Reform

The immigration reform fight rages on.  Amnesty, or no amnesty, that is the question. Democrats are doing what they do best -- pandering to an aggrieved constituency by promising something for nothing.  They are all but certain that this is a path to permanent and unrestrained electoral power for the most self-important group of Ivy Leaguers ever to summer in the Hamptons.  Republicans oppose amnesty, but there is a sharp division over whether there should be any path at all to eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants.  Senator Rubio has a plan to legalize their status, followed by an optional long and arduous path to citizenship. Eligibility for citizenship may be a showstopper. But even if conservatives lose that argument, there are some conditions that could ease the pain.  No doubt, we are in for a bitter and robust battle. The usual result of compromise with liberals is simply to move the bar further left for the next discussion. They never keep their...(Read Full Article)