The Vector of American Foreign Policy

If you were wondering about the vector of American foreign and military policy in the next four years, you could do worse than examine the new national security team: John Brennan, John Kerry, Charles Hagel, and Martin Dempsey. John Brennan Brennan is first among equals as a White House intimate, a staffer who has had the president's ear for four years. He is also the sponsor of a foreign policy where Islamism is the central, yet invisible, nexus of near and distant national security threats.   "Invisible" because Mr. Brennan has made his mark as an articulate apologist for, and co- architect of, a policy of stealth appeasement.   The pillars of the Brennan doctrine are threefold: high visibility engagement with Islam, low visibility isolation of Israel, and clandestine kinetic containment of "radicals." Wars of the future war under a Brennan doctrine will be confined to joystick combat, military gamers in Nevada using drones for selective global retribution. Withal,...(Read Full Article)