The United States is a Euro-Socialist Nation

On stage in Washington D.C., starring Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and the supporting cast -- the mainstream media, is the 21st sequel, since 1995, of imminent Armageddon if government spending is reduced. This award-winning production currently retitled: "Sequestration, or The End of Compassion", has been enormously successful as its plot of good (the American left) versus evil (conservatives and Republicans) has captured the imagination of a majority of the audience. This theatrical offering is but one element of the overall strategy to attain the primary stated goal of the American left, which is to transform the United States into a Euro-Socialist democracy. The need to reprise this production is really unnecessary as, under the direction of Barack Obama, the so-called Progressives are well on the road to achieving this long sought-after objective, and in fact they have achieved this end. The nations of Europe and the United States have two factors in common: 1) they are...(Read Full Article)