The Strategy of Hamas

Hamas is not a serious negotiating partner in the pursuit of a two-state solution, regardless of how many might think so. In both word and deed Hamas has remained impressively consistent on the denial of a two-state solution, something either ignored or forgotten by those who disagree. A cursory glance at the evidence is really all that's needed to come to this conclusion. However, Hamas has always gone to great lengths to ensure that a different answer is just barely conceivable enough for others to retain hope. Such a feat is only possible by mastering a strategy of open deception, Hamas' most impressive accomplishment. Since its inception, the organization has never abandoned its use of 'flexible rigidity', a strategy specifically designed to secure its existence and its relevance while impeding any chance for peace. In word, their strategy remains rigid, starting with the name "Hamas." Few realize Hamas is actually an acronym for Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyyah,...(Read Full Article)