The Risk of Obama's Universal Daycare

Scientists may eventually decode the Radical Egalitarian genome and, rest assured, they will find a totalitarian gene. But, even without this research, the evidence for this gene's existence is overwhelming -- what begins as an idealistic Utopian vision inescapably mutates into forceful all-encompassing state intrusion, everything from telling us what to think to how to raise children. The latest expression of this gene is President Obama's call to expand early childhood education. Admittedly, this hardly appears "totalitarian" but this is deceptive. Heavy-handed state intrusion always beings innocuously, a "good idea" to cure a seeming intractable problem but as one intervention after the next falls short, state power expands and personal freedom slips away. Obama's initiative is only emerging but its key elements are clear. A state-federal partnership will guarantee a pre-kindergarten education to every family whose income falls below 200% of the poverty line ($38,000 for a single...(Read Full Article)