The Resilient Conservative Majority

Gallup had a poll recentlypublished a poll which shows that at the end of 2012, self-identified conservatives still outnumbered liberals in every state of the nation except for two -- Rhode Island  has fewer conservatives (27.8%) than liberals (28.3% liberal), as does Massachusetts (28.3% to 30.5%).  Gallup curiously does not play up the ideological gap.  Instead, the February 1, 2013 article title given by Gallup was  "Alabama, North Dakota, Wyoming Most Conservative States.  Americans slightly less conservative, slightly more liberal[.]"   This apparent interest in hiding the conservative advantage in America is pervasive; the Gallup Polls invariably have titles to news stories which would cause no one to get curious.  The Gallup Poll data twelve months earlier showed the same dramatic conservative advantage.  So did the February 2011 Gallup Poll, entitled "Mississppi rates as Most Conservative US State."  The  August 2010 Gallup...(Read Full Article)