The Liberal Bubble of Self-Deceit

Back in 2008, I decided to vote for Barack Obama because I wanted the Democrats in charge of foreign policy.  I never thought that they would do a good job, but I felt that they needed to own U.S. foreign policy for a while.  For eight years they had been ragging on President Bush as the stupidest, most warmongering president in history, who was flushing civil liberties down the toilet with his Patriot Act.  But now, Andrew McCarthy writes:   After four years of watching Obama enthusiastically adopt what he once condemned, we now know Bush detractors were animated by politics, not conviction. We now know that, across a broad spectrum of Obama progressives and national-security conservatives, there is consensus about an aggressive counterterrorism model.   OK, so the liberals finally signed onto the war on terror -- kinda-sorta -- but don't tell anyone.  Now, McCarthy urges, we need the president to push for a "national security court to deal with the...(Read Full Article)