The Left is Circling the Wagons against Dr. Ben Carson

The Progressive hit media are frantically circling the wagons, probably formulating a potent Alinsky Rule # 5 offense against sage Ben Carson.  Just yesterday, Media Matters went into full attack mode.  It appears the leftists were blindsided by the transparency and unassuming integrity of this gifted brain surgeon.  No doubt they are embarrassed by their previous sycophantic accolades heralding his exceptional accomplishments in his chosen field of pediatric neurosurgery.  A case in point may be the acclaim lauded upon Dr. Carson by feminist Christine Gorman in her 2001 piece in Time Magazine, Super Surgeon. How could she have known the subject of her acclaim would challenge the fundamental tenets of her liberalism a dozen years later? Yet, here he comes daring to defy the unspoken apolitical taboos as keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast in the very hallowed presence of The One We Have Been Wait For by unabashedly exposing the myths of politically...(Read Full Article)