The Left is Circling the Wagons against Dr. Ben Carson

The Progressive hit media are frantically circling the wagons, probably formulating a potent Alinsky Rule # 5 offense against sage Ben Carson.  Just yesterday, Media Matters went into full attack mode.  It appears the leftists were blindsided by the transparency and unassuming integrity of this gifted brain surgeon.  No doubt they are embarrassed by their previous sycophantic accolades heralding his exceptional accomplishments in his chosen field of pediatric neurosurgery.  A case in point may be the acclaim lauded upon Dr. Carson by feminist Christine Gorman in her 2001 piece in Time Magazine, Super Surgeon. How could she have known the subject of her acclaim would challenge the fundamental tenets of her liberalism a dozen years later?

Yet, here he comes daring to defy the unspoken apolitical taboos as keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast in the very hallowed presence of The One We Have Been Wait For by unabashedly exposing the myths of politically correct liberalism with incisive allegories drawn from Scripture and his own intriguing life story.   How dare he!

Dr. Carson tersely identified political correctness (PC) as the bane of modern society, defining it as the "effort of some to silence the views of others that they deem to be politically incorrect.  He declared that Americans must stop fearing to speak up and state their beliefs.  Going further, Dr. Carson condemned PC as "a horrible thing," that is "dangerous," because it discourages freedom of thought and expression, adding "we've got to get over this sensitivity and it keeps people from saying what they really believe."

Then, to add insult to injury, Dr. Carson suggested the national tax structure be scrapped in favor of a plan based on the biblically instructed tithe.  Such fiscal apostasy is repulsive to the Progressive Keyensian economic mindset.   How dare he!  He dares because, as a practicing Seventh-day Adventist, Dr. Carson has tithed his entire adult life; therefore, he understands the bounty that tithing can bring.

On the conservative Right side of the blogosphere a plethora of websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts are erupting like popping corn, all urging Dr. Carson into the political fray. Indeed the legendary Wall Street Journal editorial staff eschewed political correctness by boldly endorsing Dr. Carson for President.

Meanwhile on the Left, an ominous silence reigns, save the humming of search engines delving into every minute reach of the neurosurgeon's past, seeking some shred of damning impurity to indict him as unqualified for the pristine art of politics.  After all, these Alinsky tactics worked swimmingly against West, Cain, and Palin, and almost vetoed the lifetime appointment of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas courtesy of one Anita Hill.  Should none emerge, the malevolent investigators will simply invent one emulating the famous declaration of a former Secretary of State by shouting, "What difference, at this point, does it [the truth] make?"  That premise is restated by a Florida Congresswoman who, when caught in a blatant lie, exclaimed, "It [the truth] doesn't matter!" Fully aware of the coming tsunami of vilification from the Left, Dr. Carson declared there were no skeletons in his closet.   To the threat, he simply shrugged implying "Molon labe! -- Bring it on!"

Broadening his disapproval of government overreach in the current healthcare stratagem, Dr. Carson revealed his concept of a numbered personal health savings account (HSA) to be awarded to every citizen at birth.  Anyone can make deposits into this interest bearing account, including parents and grandparents and the individual owner.  The beauty of the HSA is that it is independent of  governmental meddling and insurance companies' profit taking.  How refreshing is that? When asked how he would approach the invasive tentacles of the behemoth national healthcare act dubbed Obamacare, Dr. Carson with twinkling eyes replied simply, "Why, I would rewrite the law."

Asked the direct question from Sean Hannity about his political ambition, Dr. Carson flashed his disarming smile and answered, "I have always said that for me to enter politics, God would have to lift me by my collar and drop me into it." Some wonder if that divine act has already occurred.