The Israeli Election Winner is... William F. Buckley!

Explaining Israeli election results to an American audience is always a challenge. But this time, that challenge is compounded by having to explain the explanations. Even by famously contentious Israeli standards, interpretations of the results are all over the map. According to respected political analysts, this election was a crushing defeat for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose own party suffered a loss of 25% of its Knesset representation. Or it was a solid vote of confidence for Netanyahu, as he will remain prime minister of a coalition potentially stronger than before. This election was a huge victory for secular Israel. And the incoming Knesset will have the most religious representation ever. The country moved to the right. The country moved left. The center is now stronger. The extremes are stronger. The security hawks, skeptical of the Palestinian Authority's "peace process" intentions, won the day. So did those demanding a return to the negotiating table. This...(Read Full Article)