The Institutio​n Athwart History

Readers of AT are familiar with my writings as primarily concerned with declining American constitutionalism and American culture. It is a fond goal of my heart to stem both of these tides. Yet today, not three weeks from the termination of the tenure of Pope Benedict XVI, I write of something even fonder (if not wholly unrelated): the role and the fate of the Holy Catholic Church. I suggest to AT readers -- Catholic and otherwise -- a proposition deserving of your utmost scrutiny: that the Catholic Church is the single institution on the face of the Earth which has proven resistant to the abrupt change agency of the secular-Progressive agenda. While far too many conservatives count themselves among the Church's critics, all conservatives and lovers of human freedom, consciously or not, have benefitted from its continued role as vanguard, God willing. Since the onset of the 20th Century, only two forces have rebuffed Nazism, Communism, and Islamic Fascism: America and the Church...(Read Full Article)