The Delinquent Twins of Financial Ruin

Paul Krugman and Elizabeth Warren are two of the most prominent progressive intellectuals of our era.  Krugman is a Nobel Prize winner in economics who hails from the Economics Department of Princeton University and thinks he knows things that nobody else knows. Belief in poorly conceived economic theories does that. Warren is an undistinguished  professor from Harvard Law School, albeit with a flair for righteous self-promotion.  She is the Regulation Queen. She is informed less by the Constitution, and more by her muse, Lewis Carroll's Red Queen.  As I watched her browbeat the hapless creatures sent before the Senate Banking Committee I half expected her to scream "Off with their heads!"  The Red Queen believed in executions now and trials later.  Warren was just so offended that the jails weren't bursting at the seams with mortgage bankers.  Of course, she had no problem with Fannie and Freddie managers who bought the junk proffered by Wall...(Read Full Article)