The Case for Carson

The buzz surrounding Dr. Ben Carson is loud and growing...but is it merited? The Republican Party has been looking for its "Great Black Hope" since J.C. Watts almost twenty years ago.   There are solid logical reasons why black America ought to reject the slavery of leftism: violent crime, social decay, broken educational systems, and limp economic growth all hurt blacks more than they hurt other Americans. The black conservative movement has produced some significant spokesmen: Dr. Thomas Sowell may be the greatest social historian alive; Lynn Swan is among the greatest pass receivers in football history; Condi Rice is a brilliant academician with grace notes of musical brilliance; Herman Cain is a successful businessman who could speak clearly about the economic problems of America.    Black leftists, by contrast, tend to be like Obama: they owe everything to leftism and shrivel into insignificance without the artificial environment of the left's...(Read Full Article)