The Biblical Norm for Marriage

A piece was recently posted claiming that the Bible does not establish normative marriage.  The author describes various marriages and customs mentioned in the Bible, like polygamy, endogamy, levirate marriage, arranged ones, and men who "delighted themselves with an occasional prostitute." Thus, biblical marriage is an evolving social construct that does not offer clear instructions for us today as to what marriage is. The author concludes: "The sooner we move away from the myth of the so-called traditional biblical marriage, the better prepared we will be to discuss what constitutes a family in the 21st century." This interpretation is a form of hyper-skepticism, which currently takes the form of postmodernism.  It says textual meaning is unstable and cannot be nailed down.  Culturally or in the bigger picture, traditions and certainties should be overthrown. So, are we to draw the further conclusion, left unstated in the piece, that if marriage is a social construct...(Read Full Article)