Take the 'Kick Me' Sign off the Defense Budget

Am I the only one who remembers November of 2011, when the administrator of the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid, Dr. Donald M. Berwick announced publicly -- before resigning his post -- that the system has an "extremely high level of waste" upwards of 30 percent? It seems that the president either doesn't remember this or has no interest in doing anything about it. What he does seem to be open to is the crippling of our military. The so called "Fiscal Cliff" deal that was reached on New Year's was the quintessential example of the 'kick the can down the road' politicking at which this president and Congress excel. It has been 566 days between the date the debt-deal was signed in 2011 and President's Day 2013; during which the crisis posed by potentially crippling defense cuts from sequestration could and should have been addressed. But instead of dealing with this problem, we simply postponed it for two months. The sequestration cuts would hollow out an already slashed defense...(Read Full Article)