Schools Jump the Shark

Around the ranch we usually mutter and shake our heads, but now they've gone too far. Public school officials at Heritage Middle School in Meridian, Idaho put the school on 'lockdown' because a teenage boy was seen 'roaming the halls' with a ... ready? ... a folding military style ... shovel. A shovel. No report filed on whether it was a high capacity shovel. Might have been high capacity in the hands of Big John, loading sixteen tons. Certainly not in the soft un-calloused hands of a school bureaucrat. A middle school teenage boy was spotted in the halls with a 'suspicious' object and the school "resource officer" leapt into action. Only trouble was the boy was on an errand for a teacher who had forgotten the folding entrenching tool, meaning shovel. A prop for a history lesson on WWII. Local police said no charges would be filed. So the kid's got that going for him, which is nice. Meanwhile, quoting the KTVB article:  ... Nearby Rocky Mountain High School, Paramount...(Read Full Article)