Putin's RuNet Crackdown

Back in December, I wrote about the onset of open warfare on the Internet by the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, helped along with his American enabler Barack Obama. Recent developments indicate a surprisingly bold and rapid escalation of this war, due no doubt in large part to Obama's absolutely disgraceful and un-American program of appeasement. The first stunning development came when Live Journal, the leading blog host in Russia, capitulated to the Kremlin and censored photographs from the blog operated by Pussy Riot, which has been declared to be "extremist" under a new law which authorizes the Kremlin to shut down virtually any internet site it likes. Three members of the group, two of them young mothers, made international headlines when they were railroaded into prison for multiple years for singing against Putin in an Orthodox Church, but that wasn't enough to satisfy the bloodthirsty Putin regime. And then the Kremlin got even more ambitious. It began blocking entire...(Read Full Article)