Putin's Russia and the Big Lie

With his nation's economy on the ropes once again due to his gross mismanagement, Vladimir Putin is falling back on a tried-and-true Russian response to bad news: The Big Lie. And he's bringing as many Americans on board as possible to help him carry out his plan. In a stunning snub, at the World Economic Forum in Davos financier George Soros gave Russia the red light. He declared: "Investing in Russia, I think, is a big mistake." The Putin regime, he said, "doesn't respect the rule of law." As a result, Russia is suffering capital flight and brain drain, and is growing weaker. "So I think Putin has to cling to power because it the only place he can feel safe; for his personal safety," he said. "Inevitably, things are moving, and I think Russia will open up, but not necessarily in my lifetime." Soros has been, of course, a massive booster of the Obama administration, which in turn has recklessly pursued a policy it calls "reset" towards Russia but which can only properly be called...(Read Full Article)