Prudence or Purity? A Political Dilemma

If true, the post-mortem realization that the Republican Party's bid to oust Barack Obama was sealed by internal schism and faction is a bitter pill to swallow. With so much at stake, mortal necessity required that the party marshal its forces in order to take down a man whose admitted enmity to our American Constitutional framework threatens to subvert our unique political character. In light of the results of 2012, we now know that instead of amassing forces to our flag, we indeed saw a "Vanishing Act" of evangelicals along with our more libertarian brethren. In retrospect, both groups refused to close ranks and man the ladders needed to scale the Progressive stronghold. It therefore becomes imperative for us to understand if the cleavages and stratifications that mark the Republican Big Tent strategy reveal a faded paradigm seeking realignment; or if the fault can be ascribed to the unreasonable expectations of the party's constituent parts. If the latter is true, how do we gather...(Read Full Article)