Prison Suicide and Faith

The assumed suicide of Prisoner X inside an Israeli maximum security solitary confinement cell is presently sweeping headlines worldwide. The location was Ayalon Prison in Ramla. Specifically, a highly monitored suicide-watch cell. One so unique, it previously housed assassinated Prime Minister Rabin's murderer, Yigal Amir. Unverified details identifying Prisoner X are slowly leaking. He was Australian born, immigrated to Israel, and was recruited to serve as a Mossad hitman. His name was Ben Zigier. He married an Israeli woman, they had two children. A Kuwaiti paper reported he took part in assassinating a Hamas official in Dubai, three years back. The more answers the media digs up, though, the more questions arise. What crime landed Zigier in an Israeli prison? Why did that government put a gag order against reporting his death? Why would he kill himself? Until the dust settles on the factual questions, here's a more universal essential one. Why do some inmates commit...(Read Full Article)