Pope Benedict XVI Still Unnerves the Media

True to form, CNN, Reuters, and other media outlets used the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI's retirement to dwell on ancient sex scandals, opposition to gay marriage, and a host of other things the media have never liked about a Pope who would not hew to whatever worldview the chattering classes embraced at the moment "As a Catholic, I'm not buying this," tweeted hysterical chatterer, Piers Morgan, a "modern world" Catholic by his own lights. "Popes don't just quit because they're tired. What's going on here??" I am not sure I know either, but I am pleased to see the Pope unnerve the media once again.  I have had an unusual perspective on this.  On April 19, 2005, I was in Paris to attend an international conference on TWA Flight 800.  I remember the date without having to look it up.  It was Patriot's Day, the tenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the twelfth anniversary of the massacre at Waco -- not that our media reflected much on the tank assault...(Read Full Article)