Personal and Political

I have a theory that your politics reflect your personality. Not always, but usually. Conservative and liberals are not only political opposites, but generally have polar personalities. Conservatives are driven by reason, liberals by emotion. Is it coincidence that women, the more emotional sex, skew Democrat? The Democrat ladies in my life vehemently deny that emotion drives their politics, often with an emotional outburst to let me know my suggestion wasn't appreciated. I rest my case. This sentient vs. sentiment divide is as important to politics as any issue or any party. Whether someone is logical or emotional at their core affects what messages will persuade them, and how they will attempt to persuade. When listening to speeches or debates, conservatives respond to the message, liberals respond to the meter. Obama's cadence and soaring rhetoric regularly brings audiences to their feet (except for Obama fans who faint for dramatic effect.) After watching an Obama speech, my wife...(Read Full Article)