Oscar Watch: Lincoln's Opening Should Have Been Its End

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, the leading Oscar contender with 12 nominations, earned high marks from many conservatives (see here, here, and here). That the film was the work of a pious Hollywood liberal and a Marx-loving gay activist (Tony Kushner) didn't seem to raise any red flags. One reviewer, Christian Toto at Breitbart.com, declared that "both men left political posturing aside." Anyone who thinks screenwriter Tony Kushner would, or could, shed his skin and write a political drama not infused with leftist posturing is being more than a little naive. Viewers may succumb to the illusion they're watching history being filmed as it happens, but what they're actually watching is history selectively chosen and programmatically reassembled. That is obvious from the opening scene, a ridiculously contrived meeting between Lincoln and two black soldiers at a rail station. (Two white soldiers would join the scene but only as unflattering counterpoints to the blacks, as liberal protocol...(Read Full Article)