Obama's Rebirth as an American Exceptionalist

It's a given among conservatives that President Obama doesn't have a lot of admiration for the Founding Fathers, and only believes in American exceptionalism, as he said at the 2009 NATO summit, as much as "Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism." In other words, not at all. It's time to reassess this notion. Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy recently wrote in Time: "It isn't that [Obama]'s not enough of an American exceptionalist; it's that he's too much of one." Kennedy is a radical leftist obsessed with racism, but on this point he might be right, although for the wrong reasons. It sounds preposterous, but bear with me through some armchair psychoanalysis. Before Obama was elected, he was an anti-American radical, in a choom gang, hanging out with the Marxist professors and the structural feminists, with Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. In 2008, Michelle Obama said she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life. Much was made of the admission that she didn't...(Read Full Article)