Murder in Turkey Strikes Close to Home

It was a note on my daughter's Facebook page asking for prayers for Sarai Sierra, the young mother of two, then missing for a week traveling alone in Turkey, that made me wonder if my daughter knew her. Sarai Sierra's battered body was discovered near a highway in Istanbul, last weekend. When the story first broke in the news, I was under the impression that she was a Muslim-American so I was surprised when I learned she was Hispanic. I was even more shocked when I saw her picture after she was found murdered in Istanbul for I recognized her as a girl who grew up with my children. In fact I also knew quite well the woman who was supposed to have traveled with Sarai but had to back out due to finances.  When I first read my daughter's Facebook note, I texted her that I was glad I had gone to Tangiers when I was young and the world was different, because I would never recommend a woman traveling to a Muslim country alone in these times. It was 1969 when I took a ferry from Malaga...(Read Full Article)