Losing Lincoln's Legacy

If you visit the excellent new Ford's Theater Center for Education and Leadership, there is a stack of books on Abraham Lincoln that rises three or four stories. We know that of the making of many books there is no end, but does that also apply to books about our sixteenth president? Apparently so. Today we celebrate the birthday of the Great Emancipator. In that Ford's Theater exhibit, there are large panel portraits of later presidents who were influenced by, and who sought to guide their steps by, the principles and precedents of Abraham Lincoln. The first panel shows President Barack Obama. The text below the handsome portrait of our forty-fourth president informs us that he began his career -- as did his fellow Illinoisan -- in the state legislature in Springfield. The text does not say that Lincoln stood firmly in the State House of Representatives against slavery. He said it was based on "injustice and bad policy." That took a lot of courage for an ambitious politician in...(Read Full Article)