How Democrats Sponsored Illegal Immigration

That 11 million illegal immigrants are present in the U.S. is taken as proof that the system doesn't work. The immigration system is broken, we are told, and in need of reform. But the truth is, those 11 million illegal immigrants did not enter through the system, they violated U.S. law when they bypassed standard immigration procedures. It's important to note that they were not encouraged by business to cross the border; they were aggressively supported by government officials. While the Constitution gives Congress the exclusive power to establish a uniform set of rules for naturalization, in reality government entities at all levels have been directly involved in the enablement and promotion of illegal immigration. These administrative actions have been stealthily passed and to this day are not publicly discussed. Politicians only discuss issues of "immigration reform" or border security. The first official act that bypassed Congress's power to control immigration was the Bracero...(Read Full Article)