Hinduism Calls For An Armed And Vigilant Society

A letter from the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) to President Barack Obama proposing new gun control laws claims to be a message containing the Hindu viewpoint. As a person whose ancestor, Tatya Tope, took up arms and died fighting English oppression while leading the Anglo-Indian war of 1857, I find HAF's proposals not only offensive to me as an individual, but also a deliberate and mischievous interpretation of Hindu thought, teachings, and experience in order to advance its political objectives. After the 1857 war, the English created laws to disarm the Indian population. Writing in his autobiography, M. K. Gandhi termed this disarming of India as the blackest misdeed perpetrated by the English. By putting the claim of collective good at the forefront of its argument, HAF has blindly adopted the position of those who label themselves "progressives" and has tried passing it off as the position of Hindus in America. Hindus are active in a broad spectrum of the productive sectors of...(Read Full Article)