Global Warming Believers March in D.C.

On, February 17th, a very chilly and windy Sunday afternoon, the big guns of global warming activism gathered with their true believer followers in a park adjacent to the Washington Monument.  Several speakers estimated the crowd at 35,000 to 40,000, as did the Nation magazine.  The Huffington Post mentioned 40,000.  I made my own estimate.  On the march to the White House the line stretched along Constitution Avenue from 15th street to 17th street, a distance of 1500 feet.  I generously estimated 50 people every 20 feet.  This totals to less than 4000 people.  The organizers of political demonstrations always exaggerate the size of the crowd, but a factor of 10 is extreme inflation. The majority of the attendees appeared to be college students with a sprinkling of older lefties.  When Michael Brune of the Sierra Club mentioned George W. Bush's name there were loud boos. For some reason, one fellow with a press pass and a camera was wearing a...(Read Full Article)