Fix the Law to Fix America

Federal law is a confused mess.  Under the fog of that confusion, new laws are written that expand, duplicate, and complicate government.  Since reading the law is nearly impossible for the average citizen, we rely on the "explanation" from Washington insiders, only to find that what they have told us "ain't necessarily so."  And all too frequently, the insiders themselves are surprised, or at least they pretend to be. Our freedom -- not to mention the efficient and effective operation of government -- will remain jeopardized until we are empowered with the tools to read and understand the law on our own. The solution is correction of a mistake made 87 year ago, when Congress failed to enact the U.S. Code as law.  Instead, we now have something is evidence of the law, but not itself law.  (If that strikes you as odd, you cannot be blamed for it.)  But fixing the U.S. Code is not on anyone's agenda.  For conservatives, it should...(Read Full Article)