Drones and the Fugitive Conscience

The tortured logic used by President Obama to justify drone assassinations of Americans, even 16-year-old Americans, has been met by surprise and consternation. For example, McClatchy reported that the Administration "jumbles international and U.S. law," and National Review described the Administration's white paper as "dangerously misguided... guilty of exactly the error the Left accused President Bush of... an executive imperialism...." Even the New York Times said, "It was disturbing to see the twisted logic of the administration's lawyers laid out in black and white. It had the air of a legal justification written after the fact for a policy decision that had already been made...." For a long time I have accepted the argument that subjective moralists can somehow discern right and wrong even though they deny the existence of right and wrong. But this is obviously not the case. Subjective moralists, relativists by another name, have consciously decided not to carry a compass and...(Read Full Article)