Drones and the American Future

Drones are a tool of the modern age. They have benefits. They have faults. They have become the equivalents of the secret agents of the past whose role was to observe and thwart as needed. They are a modern technology with which no governmental leader has a real, life-long experience. They are new. Indeed, their scope of use is evolving as the minutes tick. Types. Some drones are outfitted to only monitor the countryside and to monitor activities of opponents or others. Others are equipped with weapons to destroy persons or property. The technology of both is virtually the same. The cost is cheap. For example, consider the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator. A multi-use unmanned aerial vehicle used primarily by the United States Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency, it has a unit cost of a piddling $4m. Armaments are extra. Drones seem to irritate other countries, but their application seems not to measure up to an actual "boots-on-the-ground" incursion. This is new. Foreign...(Read Full Article)