Doing the Chicago Shakedown, Starring the Jacksons

No, I'm not talking about Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael (God rest Michael's tortured soul).  I'm talking about the Chicago Jacksons, Jesse Sr. and Jesse Jr.  The Jackson 5 in their heyday gave plenty: music, entertainment, and joy to their fans.  The Chicago Jacksons are another story.  Jesse Sr. (The Right Reverend) and his son (the erstwhile congressman) have done a lot more taking than giving.     "Taking" may be too charitable a word.  Shaking down and wheedling may be better descriptors for the Chicago Jacksons' acts.  Parasitism is a fancier way to say it (as in aggressively and obscenely leeching).  The elder Jackson's stage show has managed to skirt illegality (it doesn't hurt to have friends in high places or play the race card).  Jesse Jr. crossed the line brazenly and stupidly enough to run crosswise the Obama Justice Department.  Quite a feat for Jesse Jr. that fellow Democrat and Chicagoan...(Read Full Article)