Dems Clueless about Combat

Warfare has progressed geometrically since I was a young sergeant on the ground in Vietnam.  The huge advances in computers and electronics have given our American forces capabilities never before possessed in any of our previous wars.  Among the most widely known of these is drone warfare, wherein an unmanned, armed, aerial vehicle enters enemy airspace, guided by an office-based pilot somewhere many thousands of miles from the actual conflict, and launches lethal missiles against detected targets. To this old infantryman's way of thinking, that is a great concept.  The idea of being able to win wars from the air goes back to WWI; the concept was used to great effect in WWII, when strategic bombings in Germany and Japan greatly degraded the fighting ability of both those countries and undoubtedly saved tens of thousands of American servicemen's lives.  I can't begin to express my gratitude to those Air Force and Naval aviators who flew over my ground positions...(Read Full Article)