Cutting Healthcare Costs by Killing Patients

U.N. Resolution 260 (III) -- Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide -- was signed on December 9, 1948.  It memorializes a worldwide consensus against state-sanctioned killing of people by groups.  The convention protects "national, ethnical, racial or religious group[s]."  The Convention forgot to protect a group called the expensives. Nation-states are killing people based on their costliness, rather than their place of origin, skin color, religious commitment, political affiliation, or ethnicity.  In order to cut healthcare costs, Great Britain and soon the U.S. will eliminate (kill) patients whose only crime is being expensive to treat. Supporters of the ACA such as President Obama and Dr. Don Berwick openly and proudly said that ObamaCare was modeled after the British National Health Service (NHS).  It is reasonable to expect that what the NHS has done in England will be done here.  Additional acronyms that must be...(Read Full Article)