Choosing Senators: How to Rein in Federal Spending

The phenomenal growth of spending by the federal government itself is matched (in rate of increase, if not in actual dollar amounts) by the spending level in each of the states that have been overburdened by mandated expenditures through legislation from the House and Senate -- or by "bait and switch" tactics that would do Bernie Madoff proud, promising cost-sharing and then reneging on payment of the federal share. How can we prevent this from continuing on into the next presidential term?  Or the next decade?  Or the next century?  Well, not to sound too simplistic, but the repeal of the 17th Amendment would be a great step in that direction. For those who haven't memorized the Constitution and its amendments, the 17th Amendment is the one that changed the selection of senators from being appointed by the legislatures of the several states to electing them on the basis of statewide popular votes.  It was an amendment supported vigorously by Progressives...(Read Full Article)