Calling Their Bluff on Immigration Reform

Well, here we go again! Four perennial Republican supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, and new kid Marco Rubio, are teaming up with the Democrats to grant amnesty to 11 million people who made a criminal entry into the United States their first act on American soil. If you sense a little déjà vu in this story line, you are correct. The same cast of characters, save the rookie Rubio, were there in 2005-2007 when they along with the help of George ("see you at the signing") Bush and Karl ("you hate brown people") Rove tried to ram the McCain-Kennedy Bill giving amnesty to illegals and a path to citizenship. That bill died a deserving death because the American people in massive numbers melted the Capitol Hill switchboards and servers with overwhelming opposition. For Republican politicians who supported that amnesty plan, it was a suicide note. Angry constituents stayed home and helped the Democrats cement control of the Senate and House...(Read Full Article)